Installing Blink Camera | 6 easy Steps to decide Location

This post will show you how to securely attach your Outdoor or Indoor (3rd generation) wireless camera.

Choosing an Appropriate Location

Choosing the best placement for your Blink camera guarantees your home’s security. There are various aspects to consider when selecting a site.

  • Consider the camera’s field of vision first. Make sure the camera is pointing toward the region you wish to observe. You should set the camera at a higher angle to catch a larger picture in a large room.
  • Consider the Wi-Fi signal strength next. To function correctly, cameras require a reliable Wi-Fi connection. Choose a location with a good Wi-Fi signal for the camera. Consider the distance between the camera and the Wi-Fi router and any barriers to movement, such as walls or other electronic devices.
  • If you’re using a wired camera that requires a power outlet, ensure that your chosen area has access to one. If you’re using a battery-powered camera, make sure the batteries are conveniently accessible for changing or charging.
  • Consider the height at which you want the camera to be mounted. A higher placement may provide a wider field of view, but it may also make recognizing people or other features more difficult. A lower position may give a more detailed image but capture less of the surroundings.
  • Avoid placing the camera where objects or furniture will obstruct it. This can diminish the camera’s efficacy by limiting its field of vision.
  • Finally, think about the illumination in the region. The quality of the camera’s footage might be affected by lighting. Consider the amount of natural light in the area and any artificial light sources that may affect the camera’s performance while selecting the site.

Tools Needed

1. Drill: Used to drill holes in the wall or other surface where the camera will be mounted.

2. Screwdriver: Used to install the mounting bracket and secure the camera.

3. Screws: These are included with the Blink camera and are used to secure the mounting bracket to a wall or other surface.

4. Anchors: These are required if the mounting surface is insufficiently sturdy to hold the weight of the camera and bracket.

5. Level: Used to confirm that the camera is properly installed and straight.

6. Tape measure: This tool measures the distance between the camera and the Wi-Fi router or power outlet and ensures that the camera is installed at the correct height.

7. Ladder: Depending on the height at which you intend to mount the camera, a ladder may be required to reach the mounting site.

A step-by-step guide for quickly attaching a interior or outdoor camera:

1. Select the proper place: Consider the previously mentioned factors, such as field of view, Wi-Fi signal strength, power supply, height, obstructions, and illumination, and choose a spot that matches your demands.

2. Attach the mounting bracket: Attach the mounting bracket to the wall or other surface, like a door, using the drill and screws. If the mounting surface is not sturdy enough, anchors may be required.

3. Secure the camera to the bracket: Place the camera on the bracket and secure it using a screw or other mechanism.

4. Adjust the camera angle: To get the best view, loosen the screw or other mechanism and adjust the camera angle.

5. Connect to Wi-Fi: Scan the QR code on the camera with the Blink app and follow the on-screen details to connect the camera to your Wi-Fi network.

6. Test the camera: Check the live stream on the Blink app to confirm the camera is working properly, test the motion detection, and make any necessary adjustments to the camera settings.

Consider using a waterproof housing or cover for outdoor cameras to protect them from the elements. Additionally, have the equipment and materials on hand before beginning the installation procedure to save the required time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to hang my Blink camera from the ceiling?

You may install your Blink camera on the ceiling. You may need to use a different mounting bracket and alter the camera angle to guarantee that the desired region is captured.

How can I tell whether my Wi-Fi connection is strong enough to power my Blink camera?

Check the strength of the Wi-Fi signal in the spot where you intend to mount the camera using a Wi-Fi signal tester or signal strength app on your smartphone. Aim for a minimum signal strength of -70 dBm.

Can I mount my Blink camera with double-sided tape?

Blink does not recommend using double-sided tape to mount cameras since it may not give a firm enough hold and may cause the camera to fall or become damaged.

How frequently should I verify the position of my Blink camera?

Check the placement of your Blink camera regularly to confirm that it is still catching the appropriate region and that the camera angle hasn’t altered.

Can I relocate my Blink camera once it has been installed?

You can reposition your Blink camera after it has been installed. Simply remove the camera from the mounting bracket and replace it in the desired location.

Is it possible to install my Blink camera on a window?

Blink does not recommend putting cameras on windows since the glass can impair motion detection and image quality. Mount the camera on a wall or other solid surface instead.

What should I do if the camera fails to connect to Wi-Fi after installation?

Move the camera closer to the Wi-Fi router, double-check the Wi-Fi password, restart the camera and network, or contact Blink customer care for assistance.

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